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Buying Twitter Followers: What This Means for the Future of Social Media

Most internet users know that having a significant number of followers on social media is an accomplishment that signals to others that the popular profile is worth following. Because the practice has expanded to companies and has incurred market implications, businesses have developed that offer followers for purchase. Purchasing followers can help the right corporate account holders to expand the reach and achieve an increase in profits. It may not be as simple as buying traditional market leads however.

Not surprisingly Twitter users are very savvy and have become experts at detecting fraud, weeding out spam, and deciding if something is worth their while in just moments. In this day and age an artificially inflated Twitter profile will have to be well disguised by the legitimate investment of time and care into the original content on the account. While a strong marketing effort can achieve this, it also helps to have purchased followers that are actually or potential customers. Some websites, like, offer followers that are uniquely tailored to fit the purchaser’s target audience. This helps to generate a lot more interaction and brand related activity on the purchaser’s profile, adding to the appearance of legitimacy and credibility.

The people at know how Twitter works and understand that success requires an attention to detail. The future of social media will likely be more niche-oriented, as users get divided into their favorite industries and groups. Understanding and capitalizing on this trend will determine the success of the follower market for sellers, purchasers, and corporate Twitter users.